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Photo of Igor Shyshko

Igor Shyshko

  +32 475 93 62 69

By his long-term experience as a professional dancer and performer artist, Igor Shyshko has been practicing yoga for more than twenty years to keep his body in good shape and his mind always concentrated.


Since fifteen years, he has been trained in Iyengar yoga schools during various workshops in India, Europe and Middle East as a yoga teacher, and has been teaching this discipline professionally since then.


For the sessions taking place next season in Yoga Pilates Studio Madou, Igor will propose a practice focused on body preparation to yoga postures and asanas sequences (both for advanced and beginner students), and on body rehabilitation (in specific class) for people suffering from physical difficulties by developing exercises adapted to their particular physicality.

Photo of Anna Kuch

Anna Kuch

  +49 177 425 884 1

Anna's approach to Pilates is influenced by several years of intensive training in contemporary dance, neuroanatomy, fascia work, acrobatics and ballet. Her class focuses on reconnecting with the inherent intelligence of the body, developing a conscious approach to the body in order to actively work through eventual pain and prevent further injuries. She adapts each class to the needs of the students.


Next to her teaching she works in the performing arts field as theatre maker, actress, dancer, educator and visual artist.


Photo of Julie Aelbrecht

Julie Aelbrecht

  +32 456 12 13 92

Julie has been teaching yoga for five years to groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. She is certified in hatha yoga, yin yoga, prenatal yoga, meditation and personal training and uses her knowledge and experience of these disciplines to help people feel more at ease in their bodies. 


As a chronic pain patient herself, Julie’s approach to yoga is highly individualised. A yoga session with her focuses on using the poses to get into your body, rather than using your body to get into the poses. 


For the prenatal yoga classes at the studio, she proposes a yoga practice to connect with your changing body while helping you maintain strength. We will combine gentle yoga postures and breathing exercises to help your body open up, stretch, tone and relax. 


Julie speaks Dutch, English, French and Spanish.


Please contact Julie by phone if you're interested to follow one of her classes. 

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